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How to Reset Your Lighting System Timer

Light timers provide an easy way for people to automatically turn their lights on and off as scheduled. Homeowners can benefit from these light timers through added security for their home while they are away. By having a timer turn on the lights, it can appear as though there is someone inside. In addition, having a lighting timer can result in reduced electricity consumption since you won’t have to leave your lights on all day and all night if you’re going to be away for a long time, say for a vacation.

But what if you have to reset your timer? Be it to adjust for daylight saving time or simply just to change its schedule, here are the steps on how to do it both for a digital and dial timer.

Digital Timer

In order to erase any existing program on your digital timer, finding the reset button. It is usually marker “R” or “Reset” and can be pressed by using a ballpoint pen or safety pin. There are some digital light timers that require you to press the “On/Off” button at the same time. If you have successfully done this step, the display usually lights up then becomes blank.

Set the current date and time. Look for a selector knob and choose “Clock” mode. In order to set the hour, you may have to press the up and down buttons depending on the model. Press “Enter” or “Ok” in order to move into minutes. Again, press the up and down buttons to scroll through the numbers until the correct time is shown. Do the same for the date. Some more advanced digital timers will ask for your country and time zone. Others also have a daylight savings adjustment feature.

Set your first weekday on and off schedule. Press the “Program” button or its equivalent on your model and use the up and down buttons to program the “on” time. Do the same to program the “off” time. Next, set the weekend on and off schedule. Scroll to the days of the weekend and set the on-and-off schedules like what you did previously for the weekdays.

Finally, press “Auto” or “Timer” in order to use the settings that you have programmed and begin the process.

Dial Timer

Set the dial timer onto “T” or “Timer” mode, not the “On” mode. In the “On” mode, the time will get bypassed by power, making it useless.

Set the current time. Depending on your timer’s brand, locate the dial at the middle or upper corner of the face. Rotate it in such a way that the pointer corresponds to the current time. For example, if it’s 5:30 p.m., position the arrow halfway between 15 and 16.

Schedule the on and off times. Again, this step would differ per model. Some timers have a push-down tab for the “on” hours, while others have a green pin. For the “off” times, keep the tab depressed or align them to the red pin.

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I LOVE the landscape lighting that Josh and his team installed in my backyard. I can’t believe the difference that just adding a few lights can make to the feel and look of the yard. Pro Landscape Lighting Services was great to work with, got the job completed on time and was very patient with answering all of my questions. I would recommend them to anyone!

Jim BPhoenix AZ

I can’t thank Pro Landscape Lighting Services enough for the great job they did. I had them install new LED lights as well as replace some of my existing lights with LED bulbs. It is amazing the difference it makes in how my house looks at night. I have been getting so many compliments from my neighbors!

Laura FScottsdale AZ
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