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Simple Outdoor Lighting Examples That Look Great

Do you know that with the best outdoor lights, your house can have a very high appraisal value? Outdoor lighting can definitely provide a dramatic look to your house at night and it is advisable to invest on it for all the right reasons: for security against thieves, for lighting the path to navigate the yard easily, and for enhancing the look of your house.

The best lighting are the simple ones. There are a few outdoor lighting principles that need to be learned and put into practice. However, if you want a more professional lighting company to deal with it, Pro Lighting in Phoenix, Arizona provides the best effects to light your place. The company believes that it is all about the effect and not of the fixtures. They illuminate the prominent aspects of the property and landscape but do it simply and not with too many lights.

A few examples can illustrate how simple outdoor lighting can create a significant change in your yard and house.

1. Highlighting trees. This is a very common technique with one or two spotlights at the base of a prominent outdoor feature such as a tree or a statue. Try to experiment varying the distance of the spotlight from the feature and you will eventually learn how to put sufficient lighting to project the a stunning view.

2. Shadowing a feature. Just like highlighting, you put lights on the feature with an adjacent wall behind it. You need to create a softer shadow. If your feature is a tree, then the movement of the tree when its leaves are blown by the wind creates a dramatic effect to your home facade.

3. Silhouetting plants. Put a spotlight behind the feature but aim the light towards an adjacent wall to create an illuminated background. It is best when you want to showcase plants.

4. Wall-washing the house. The secret to this even glow coming off from the wall is to place the lighting fixture few feet away and position it at a sideways angle.

5. Having a focus. The entry way that leads to the pathway should project an inviting come on with its lights focusing on the path which the guest can follow.

6. Sticking to warm light. A colorful lighting is great but when it is in your landscape, it would look more of a light show. Use the warm white light to give emphasis to the house, to the landscape view, to the features, or to simply use it for its purpose — to provide lighting.

7. Lighting for safety and security. An example of this would be providing illumination when getting out of the car or in the garage. Lights should be placed where would-be intruders might enter. The moonlight effect in lighting can provide security and safety as it shows an overall view of the whole landscape and can expose any movement.

When in doubt, consult Pro Lighting and see the wonders that they can do to your house and landscape view at night. Call usĀ at (480) 634-8060 for your schedule and share your creative inputs with our team!


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What Our Customers are Saying...

I LOVE the landscape lighting that Josh and his team installed in my backyard. I can’t believe the difference that just adding a few lights can make to the feel and look of the yard. Pro Landscape Lighting Services was great to work with, got the job completed on time and was very patient with answering all of my questions. I would recommend them to anyone!

Jim BPhoenix AZ

I can’t thank Pro Landscape Lighting Services enough for the great job they did. I had them install new LED lights as well as replace some of my existing lights with LED bulbs. It is amazing the difference it makes in how my house looks at night. I have been getting so many compliments from my neighbors!

Laura FScottsdale AZ
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